Sunday, January 24, 2016

Richard's cabin

A new cabin in the White Mountains National Rec. Area for me. The only one I had not visited. Skied out there with Bob Gillis and Seth Adams. About 21 miles from the Steese Highway mile 42.

Did not need a headlamp for the 5 hour ski. Fullish moon, about zero F.

Felt like we were far away from everything.

Nice morning on Beaver Creek. On this day in 1971, Alaska's all-time low temperature of minus 80 F was recorded at Prospect Creek, about 50 miles northwest. About 80 degrees warmer when this pic taken.

Friends Chris and Robbyn skijored in as we skied out.

Gillis on the ski out. He got me back into the AK groove. Good man to run the river with.

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