Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Tanana River

A life goal: to float the length of the Tanana River in a canoe. Why? It's my home river. It ain't hip. It's fun to navigate the woody channels and squirrelly current.

 We've been piecing the river together in different trips. It's flat, gentle, brown and 584 miles long. Two years ago, we boated from the headwaters where the Nabesna meets the Chisana to Tanacross.

Paul Kelley helped with the shuttle on that year's trip. He was there again to help me and Cora with our shuttle on this year's trip from the village of Tanacross to the pulloff known as George Lake Landing. 

This trip, from Tanacross to George Lake Lodge landing. 86 river miles.

My companion and new buddy, Cora.

Our takeoff. Photo by Paul. Felt like we were in the middle of a vast wilderness. We were.

 First island campsite. That's not Cora.

Was expecting to see a peregrine on this bluff (and one was on top). But another bird shrieked from the center of the bluff.

We were the only ones sleeping at the mouth of Billy Creek. Or anywhere else. Three days without seeing a person or a boat. Moose, caribou, bear and thousands of songbirds and geese.

One of my favorite trips.


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