Thursday, July 23, 2020

Exit the boreal forest

Our neighbors and friends and Bubble Family members have a boat. They invited us on a week-long tour of bays of Prince William Sound. Yes, thank you.

We dwellers of the spruce-birch forest got to see different spruce, in this case Sitka, in the rainforest along the ocean coast.

Kristen Rozell brought her paddleboard, here on Shoup Bay.

Different tree species, the tang of salt air, 13-year-olds with orange shoes.

Our captain, Chris Carlson, and his first mate Ella Carlson. We've missed Chris's liners to left on the softball team this summer, but we are glad he is living the salt life.

Chris ferried us to places like this, where mountain creeks meet the salt water of Sawmill Bay.

Even the Cap'n got to fish.


Still-life, Valdez, Alaska. Midnight in July.

Pinks are in! Anna uses Tony Rozell's reel, purchased in 1968.

My boy from another mother Ian, and Norsy, who has the same name as my lovely sister.

Bears often visit this spot for salad. This black bear has an extreme case of cinnamon.

We had to leave on a day the road was dry. That is illegal in Valdez, so we turned around.


DoubleEspresso said...

Glad to see some posting on your blog. I've been keeping an eye on it while following your weekly insights on the UAF site.

Eric Troyer said...

Blue skies? Valdez? I don't believe it! Looks like a nice trip!