Saturday, April 12, 2014


Population about 50 and constantly varying. On the Colville, largest river in northern Alaska. Born with the Naval Petroleum Reserve in the 1940s.

Ben, Chris and Guido have done their arctic lake studies in the surrounding area as Chris's banged-up snowmachine spent time with the only mechanic within 100 miles.

We emptied the Qounset hut when we heard a sno-go pull up and the mechanic delivered the news.

"It's better than it was before," said Bodey Winningham, who welded the frame while listening to Mettalica in the shop here. Bodey is 27, owns a few monster trucks and one monster Subaru wagon, and spent five years fixing things on a nuclear sub in the Navy. Boy is goin' places.

Machine back from dead made us happy, as is Chris's wife Sarah today.

Boys tested the machine back in the field, somehow finding salmon-shape lakes under the snow.

Then back home for dinner. And the chance to send this dispatch through the air to that dish. Then 22,000 miles up to a satellite, and 22,000 back to you.

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