Monday, June 4, 2012

Poops turns 10

She has survived her bad habit of running toward bears, a tumor on her foot and the birth of a human six years ago that pushed her way down in the pecking order. She has taken that with grace and we're happy to have more time to share with her.

Wrote an essay about my dogs, including Poops, in Alaska Tracks. From it:

"Poops came to us from Golden Retriever Rescue with the name of Molly 5. Other families rejected her three times because she is a spaz. When we test-drove her for an overnight, I liked her because her tired groans reminded me of Jane, and because she climbed on the couch to take a nap with me. Poops always takes her passions one step too far—nosing into visitor’s crotches when they enter our home, running over cliffs, bashing through spruce branches and coming back with a cuts on her face (self-inflicted injuries are her specialty). I enjoy her craziness because there’s something so pure about it, and because she has so few years to be crazy."


QWERTY said...

Happy Birthday Poops!

She's always a charmer when she visits us at work with Auntie Robbin.

Susan Stevenson said...

Happy Birthday Poops!

Beautiful girl. :)

moose_lover said...

I have twice had tortoise-shell cats named Manure. What does that say about us? Happy birthday, Pretty Dog.

bob& joleen said...

My son and wife have poops sister maggie
We live top of Dalton and see poops once in a while
They are great dogs
Too bad there are no puppies

ned rozell said...

We meet Maggie once a year for a swim and celebration of life! With Pat.