Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yukon Quest

The Quest started today. No matter how jaded I get from living in one place for a quarter century, the journey by dogsled from Fairbanks to Whitehorse or vice versa (the distance from New York to Daytona Beach) always catches me. Tonight, I think about 8 women and 16 men and more than 300 dogs puffing out frozen breaths as they pass through quiet country. Those dogs will be moving when you sleep tonight and when you go to sleep tomorrow night. When you shut off your lights one week from tonight, those dogs will still be moving. (Map from Yukon Alone, by John Balzar).

Hugh Neff. Here on the Chena River, the temp was 18 below and mushers had about 1,000 miles to Whitehorse.

It takes a village to reboot a 5-year old. Joel Switzer and Ken Gieser.

Brett Sass always has a good story after his races.

Kyla Durham having a good day. Straw for when she stops somewhere dark to rest her dogs.

Yuka Honda has not yet completed the race. She had a helicopter ride off Eagle Summit a few years back. Hope this is her big year.

Joar Leifseth of Norway is 24 and running the Quest. I'd be smiling too.

How can you not root for Lance?

Lance's frosty bib, soon to be shed.

Mike Ellis low-fives.

Marin Bradley.

Just one musher left !

Mike Telpin delivers.


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