Tuesday, January 17, 2012

20 degrees. latitude.

 Maui, our current location, is the speck of island just above "Hilo" and the Big Island.

Today. What you fishin' for? "Dinner."

Almost forgot this color existed.
And that these could taste so tart and sweet.

Rulers of the island.

Girl finds nut.

Girl finds not-so-secret beach.

Girl and Mom search for rented treehouse.

Mom and girl in treehouse protected against wimpy tropical mosquitoes.

Treehouse lighting = tiki torches and candles

Star fruit!

Item that bammed on roof of treehouse.

Big Beach

La Perouse Bay

10,000 feet, the summit of Haleakala volcano.

Subarctic girls feel the chill of 47 degrees when it is 90 degrees colder at home, which they don't currently miss.

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