Sunday, September 25, 2011

27 minute miles

Equinox Marathon day 2011. The cannon went off! Thirty minutes later, the foursome arrived at the start.
John Arntz, one of the four, met the Chariot pusher when they both lived in Skarland Hall in 1987.

T'was a classic Equinox day.

240,000 miles away, the moon watched the walkers, who carried little food and no drink.

Disbanded aid stations led to much scavenging on the trail, including this delicious cigarette at mile 7.

Artnz lives in San Francisco, where there are few birches. His adult partner on the Equinox hike laughed when Arntz said he packed his headlamp for the day.

The four saw virtually no one due, though Ted was happy to see Poops as he completed the Out and Back while the Four were beginning that technical section.

The Out and Back may be the youngest participant's favorite part, as mode of travel changes.

At the six-hour mark, when most race participants had showered, the Girl hit the halfway mark.

The finish at UAF seemed close enough to touch. Nervous giggle.

Don't worry mom, the Chariot has a roll bar.

At Gold Hill Road, light fading, there was encouragement for half the Foursome.

The rest of the crew had gorgeous scenery to pull them through.

Things got so sketchy near the end the Girl had to prepare her ride for her father.

But, after 12 hours, long after the finish chute had been disassembled, the competitors crossed a painted line on the grass. The four-legged participant was cooked enough to cuddle up on bitumen. There was much snoring in Casa Rozell that Equinox night.


Eric said...

Good job, you guys! I wondered why I didn't see you out there. Now I know. It's been 20 years since I last ran the whole Equinox. I did it in just under 5 hours. Course, I didn't have a blonde on my back on the Out and Back!

Julie said...

Does that chariot have a rollbar?!! :-D